Sports Supplements, The Short Story

By on April 21, 2015
Sports Supplements

You might come across the marketing efforts of some companies that may not be entirely accurate regarding sport supplements Being aware of chronic issues is something you should be concerned with. The governing bodies such as the FDA cannot monitor everything because it is such a large industry. The activities of some manufacturers are not in your best interests because of this situation. The variations between what is in the supplement and what is actually on the label has been discovered by certain groups called watchdogs. It’s a problem if you really do not know what you are getting. The best thing to do to be safe and smart is to buy from high quality manufacturers just so you know what you are taking.

A lot of people take sports supplements, especially people who do weight training, which includes many athletes. Long distance runners are not the most likely group to think about in a discussion about supplementing. Because the long distance runner is unique, they can still benefit from taking supplements, as long as they are the right ones. By using means that are totally natural is the best way to benefit all runners. Your energy level will skyrocket by avoiding processed foods and sugary foods and drinks and eating a healthy diet. You should be taking a gender specific multivitamin with all the minerals as your supplement. You need to remember that supplements have only been around for a period of time that is short. Good sleep, hard work, smart training and eating wholesome foods are all necessary to get a peak performance from a long distance runner.

Creatine is the sports supplement that has a popularity with athletes in many sports. Fish and other meat sources are readily available foods that contain creatine, and it is also made by the body. The rationale for supplementing with higher doses of creatine is to increase strength. There have been positive results found in adult research studies but only in a narrow range of application. Creatine has been shown, through studies, to be a benefit to those who use movements of short bursts along with sprinting. Another important note is there has been no research on the short or long term effects of supplementing with creatine.

Everything should be kept in balance is what you should consider as a guideline based on common sense. There are a lot of different things that can make just as big of impact on the performance level of your sport. Genetic predisposition has a lot to with your performances, as do factors such as your diet and amount of sleep you get. No amount of sports supplements will overcome your lack in genetic make up. Sports supplements have many unknowns, which is a big reason why medical professionals have a problem with them. Through quite a bit of research there has been a lot of information produced. The medical knowledge of this subject has large gaps, since there isn’t enough money to do adequate research.

When lifting weights for mass and bulk, athletes are subject to supplements that are dangerous, so if you are not a weight lifter, you can eliminate them automatically. When you are trying to lose weight, in order to drop to a weight class that is lower, that is a different story. Losing weight quickly can be dangerous, so you need to be very careful in how you do it. Athletes from many other sports can supplement with minerals and vitamins and definitely benefit.

If you place extreme pressure on certain parts of your body, then you could benefit from supplements designed to support those areas.

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